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2023 Cruel Summer Grenache Rosé

Yakima Valley | French Creek Estate Vineyard

What a stunning wine! The aromatic profile reveals luscious notes of red raspberries and freshly ripened strawberries, complemented by a hint of grapefruit zest and lychee. Surprisingly, the finish extends far beyond what one might anticipate from a wine designed for warm weather sipping. It boasts remarkable length, along with a captivating interplay of texture and complexity.

This versatile wine pairs exceptionally well with a goat cheese BLT, showcasing its ability to harmonize with diverse flavors. Alternatively, savor the refreshing combination of fresh fruit and lively acidity by enjoying it with a variety of dishes or relishing it on its own as a delightful aperitif.

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Introducing the “Double Bagnum” – a handy 3L pouch designed for your on-the-go enjoyment of Cruel Summer! Whether you’re backpacking, lounging by the pool, or simply reaching into your home fridge, take this Provencal Rosé with you practically anywhere. The 3L pouch is equivalent to four 750ml bottles, offering the same delightful taste in a more convenient and sustainable packaging option. Not only is it travel-friendly, but it also boasts an 80% reduction in carbon footprint compared to glass bottles.

Enjoy the flexibility of savoring this rosé for at least 60 days after opening – and who knows, it might last even longer. But let’s be real, who takes that much time to savor such a delightful drink? Cheers!

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